We need a Crane!

Posted by Terry
In On the Road Again
22Jun 08

So here we sit in sunny California, waiting for a crane to take this cooler off the trailer. What fun…

sitting in the sand

Just sitting in California may not sound like a problem to some, but truckers know the better of it. These idiots out here in California have put laws in place that make it illegal for a commercial vehicle to idle its engine, even for the purpose of climate control.

Am I idling my engine? It was 108 degrees here yesterday and 100 today… WTF do you think?

Its the Law… in the state of Arizona, there is a law that prohibits two consenting adults, even if married, to perform oral sex on each other. What does that have to do with a ill conceived and stupid (but not unexpected from these morons) “green law” in the state of California? Nothing.

Proves the people pass and allow the passing of STUPID laws and have for years.

These are the same citizens that flood the freeway system in LA, the bay area and that ugly dump down by Mexico, every morning, one person per car, 5 to 6 days a week. But there is NO enforcement of Mass transit laws. There are no mass transit laws that I know of. Maybe they should look into this as a solution to their little problems.

Make it impossible for trucks and truckers to work here, and soon they won’t. Not gonna break my heart, I would love to see the government in California answer to it’s growers and other industries when there is no one to move their freight. The loses will be in the billions! Lets not forget the jobs that will disappear too.

Thanks for thinking this through California. I wonder if anyone gave any thought to the possible injuries that could happen in this kind of heat? Did you know, (I’m told) that if you have a pet in your truck, there are no laws that can make you shut the truck down? Can’t have those doggies and kitties getting hot… Screw the humans that feed them. OR pay the taxes that make it possible for idiot lawmakers to accept favors from the special interest groups that buy these laws.

Perhaps when the time comes, a good solid class action suit against the state and the special interest group that paid for this law will make it all better.
ok, rant over.

Turn down loads to California when you can.


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Good to be back.

Posted by Terry
In On the Road Again
18Jun 08

Well its good to finally be back in the traffic lanes for heavy haul. That general freight stuff was starting to depress me. A guy can only haul so much pipe and crap.

We got that disaster of a stud load to Dallas without killing anyone. The receiver just rolled his eyes and said, “happens all the time from that shop”. It took a bit of work to get it off the trailer without killing Helen and I, or the 2 guys that ran the forklifts. Took a lot of re stacking and re banding, but we got it to the ground and got clear paper on it.

They ran us back and forth in Dallas for a bit, sent us right back to the place we unloaded at to re load for Broken Arrow OK, just to get stopped by “my” office at the last second. Heavy haul dispatch sent us bobtail to Abilene TX to grab a 3 axle SDS dropped at a construction yard and take it to one of our big customers in Tulsa. We were just supposed to drop it in the yard and wonder back to the mail terminal, but ended up doing the stretch and the preliminary load, then went to the barn.

This morning, my buddy Steve hooked us up with a pretty little double drop load to Sacramento CA. I’m writing at the load site, waiting for the unit to be removed from one of their trailers and set on mine. Toss some chains and get the permits called in and we are out of here.

Some pictures:
Setting the unit on the deck
setting the unit, this is just a small one, we pull 18 ft wide for this company all the time.
Some final adjustments to the way she sits

Some final adjustments to center these guys load these things all day, they make it look easy.

Finished load. Strapped, chained, flagged and signs, ready to roll...

The finished load, straps, chains and all the flags and signs.

As I have stated before, I care very little for taking ANYTHING to California, honestly the only thing I would truly be happy about going there for would be to light the fuse then leave. But a run is a run, over sized pays good for this run and I want the cash, plus having the double drop with me, I might just get something big coming back out.

5 Days to get this thing to it’s new home. Piece of cake.

Here’s a quick add on to this post, a proud moment Helen and I have waited for. (I found the pics in the camera) The youngest, Alex made the move and joined the ranks of high school graduates.
Newly graduated Alex and his proud mother.

Alex the graduate and a very proud mom

Alex and his older brother Aaron

Alex’s older brother Aaron, snaps a pic

Alex and his Aunt Laura

Alex and aunt Laura

Proud family members look on

Big Sister Killla sits with the family group
All in all a good week or 2 for us.

Keep it shiney,


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Some loads suck!

Posted by Terry
In On the Road Again
14Jun 08

Well, they just do.
This run started out good enough, simple load of 1/2 inch plate from Apache Junction AZ. (about 5 miles from the house) to Fairfield OH to a company that does armor upgrades to US HUMVEES, they build the government’s big black armored Suburbans, work on and develop pilotless/driverless recon toys, ect… What a great place to work!
Anyway, we get in early and get rid of the plate at 10 PM instead of 7AM the next morning. All is going great, you don’t just get to drop at 10 PM in the flatbed game, it just doesn’t happen. We find an old beat up truck stop a few miles north on I75 in Monroe OH and settle in. For some reason I just had “that” feeling that there would not be a load right away. I was right. But we did get the dispatch for a load the next day at noon, about 4 miles from us and heading for Dallas TX. (right in the specialized traffic lanes) . My fairy god mother is with me!

Sigh, all good deeds, blah, blah, blah.

The loading goes perfectly, right on schedule and we are on the way for a nice quiet slow 900 mile ride to Dallas. This is an easy load of steel studs and track for building construction. What can go wrong? Just a hint… NEVER, EVER ask that question. Within just a few miles, I hear “ping, ping…”, a quick glance in the mirrors confirms it. The steel banding holding this shit together is breaking, in the next hundred miles a BOTTOM stack has collapsed and stuff is sliding around and in the NEXT hundred miles another has collapsed and shit is sliding out of a top stack at the very rear… OH GOD what a mess. As I write this I am 400 miles (397.9 per the GPS) from the drop, I have EVERY single usable strap I have and I carry extras, involved in this load, I have every one of my personal hand winches involved and I’m considering doing some banding with chains to keep this crap from going through some asshole’s BMW.

Look at this…

I have literally hauled hundreds of these kinds of loads and this has NEVER happened.

It’s under control and we will stop and make someone provide a forklift to restack this junk before it hits the pavement if it comes to it. But I can just HEAR what the receiver is gonna have to say about this shit.

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Time to write… finally

Posted by Terry
In On the Road Again
12Jun 08

Well, I finally have a few minutes to just do some writing and make a few updates and changes to this site. we’ve been pretty busy since easter, both with the job and with family issues.

For those of you that were aware of my mom’s problems, she’s fighting the good fight with the cancer but it’s a vicious enemy. Things are not looking good.

As usual, Helen and I are fat, dumb and happy, hauling the big loads and seeing the country. We had to take some time away from work over the past few weeks to help out with mom and get some services in place to help care for my dad and her while we are out of town. Speaking of dad, something fantastic “FINALLY” happened! After more than 60 years, (with some hard work and constant harassment from my sister) The US Army and the Veteran’s Administration gave him the Purple Heart he should have got in the mid 40’s.

Dad\'s Purple Heart

Maybe next we can get them to cough up some of the other benefits owed to this proud old soldier.

On to other things:

Changes made to the site… Well the galleries have had some additions made to them, all software is updated, and InnFromtheNight is now PDA friendly! (I found a great little plugin for WordPress that made this part a snap) I picked up an AT&T wireless connect card just before I left home this time and have the ability to connect to the web almost anywhere. I hope to write much more often now. As some of you know, writing is very therapeutic for me.


Back in April, right after my last real post, the company handed me my first “major” over sized load.

4-19-2008 045.jpg

This monster was 62 foot long, 12 ft 6 in wide and weighed in at very close to 60,000. Gross weight of the truck was 105,000 and we were 94 ft long. We moved this beast from Phoenix AZ. all the way to Key West Fl. Man what a trip that was, though I have to admit, Murphy was busy with someone else and for the most part it was smooth as silk. Somewhere in Louisiana or Missisippi, we sheared a retaining pin on the pin-on. (the flip up read axle you see on some of these trailers) This is a custom made, hardened steel pin that connects the flip to the rear of the trailer. Sliced through it like a good edge through a sausage. Road service out of Biloxi MS, got us up and going again that day.

The priceless help of Michelle from Louisiana Escorts made this almost a pleasure trip. I can’t thank her enough for her aggressive style and attention to detail on this ride. You can bet we ask for her every time we work in the south east.

We were met in Key West by Ed and Carol, our receivers. These folks took care of us and Carol even took us on a quick tour of the island, this is a place we will be going back to, (off season of course) When the time came to lift this thing off, because of the tight quarters in the power plant, it took 2, 90 ton cranes. This is after most of a morning of tearing down guard railings and wiggling backwards around a building.

More pics of this trip in the galleries.

THIS monstrosity was waiting for us in Oklahoma City when we got back.


This is a paint booth out of a General Motors plant on the south east edge of OK City. 20 miles of city streets to get this where it needed to be.

One more… After getting back from the city, the boss had me on this one within 30 minutes of walking through the door.


This is another style of heat exchanger unit, 18 ft wide and weighing in at about 54,000 pounds. We took this one to a refinery in Garyville Louisiana. Lots of back roads on this trip, some not even as wide as the load. Louisiana law requires a state trooper to escort something like this. (more fun than should be allowed) The trooper makes some extra cash and big loads are moved safely.

The rest is a blur, the home time broke us out of the pattern, but we are working ourselves back towards the traffic lanes for the over sized loads. At this moment we are hanging around in a truck stop in Monroe OH, waiting to load mid-day tomorrow. This load will take us to Dallas TX and back to the big loads.

Keep coming by, as I said, I hope to be able to write more now that I have internet in the truck full time.

Stay safe,


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Easter Sux!

Posted by Terry
In On the Road Again
22Mar 08

Screw Easter!

Well, here we are in Tulsa, where the hell are you? Stuck in Tulsa because of some stupid rabbit holiday and the various states won’t let the over sized loads run. So no one is shipping because of it… Oh well, we’ve been in the truck since Feb 6, so it was time for a break. Grabbed a motel room for 2 days. (Real bed for a while) Back to trucking on Monday.

Some thing to think on…


They even look a bit alike, except the mustache… Adolf’s just can’t compare with Hillery’s

Inter City violence reaches an all time, futuristic high! Something just needs to be done about this. Parents, spend more quality time with your …uh, squirrels?



You’ll never see this on a mini van…

Baby On Board
Don’t look at me like that, this is Debbie’s fault.


(Can you tell I’m freeking bored?)

Road Warning sign I would LOVE to see!


Well, we are in Tulsa, I work for a company based in Tulsa, and you have to believe that I work with people that “fit in” here in Tulsa. That being said, the president of Arrow finally got to build that mansion he all ways wanted…

(god, if he ever sees this, I hope he forgives me…)

And finally:

The only creature truly qualified to be our next President realized he was a politician and did the only honorable thing he could do, we’ll miss him.


Stop back by sometime, maybe my medications will have kicked in by then…


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We switched to the “specialized” devision at Arrow here a few weeks ago. The largest majority of loads that we haul are over sized in some way. We have been hauling over width, up to 12 feet. Below is a picture of the one I delivered yesterday in Weston MO at a new power plant. Not 100% sure what the damn things are, parts of a boiler I think. That crate at the front is most likely bolts and plates, heaviest part of the load at 6k.

11 foot of fun, Westom MO

It’s a good life, with lots of interesting things to do, like sit on my fat truck driver ass and wait for a load ;-) Ah well, still having fun out here. What follows is some more images we have collected in our travels.

Many years ago there was a decent little company out west, One day, the Socialist Republik of Kalifornia pissed off the owner and I’m told that with in 24 hours, the whole show was gone. Lock, stock, barrel, office equipment, mechanics tools, wrecked trucks, garbage cans, everything moved to OKC. But all things must come to an to end. This recent picture shows that Don Freymiller’s company has gone to the dogs…

Team driving is for the dogs

Well, time to run do some laundry while we have time, mayhaps I’ll post a bit more later today.


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Well, its been a while.

Posted by Terry
In On the Road Again
15Feb 08

Well, its been a bit, things got busy on me and I’ve had little time to write, so tonight’s post will be a bit long. (maybe, I have to stay awake) Lets start with where I am tonight, We pulled a load of Freightliner frames out of Laredo to Cleavland NC. To my surprised we got reloaded immediately out of Rock Hill SC with a two dropper to Boluxi then out to the left coast. Good miles! Below is a picture taken at the TA in Spartenburg SC.


That big load might weigh 8000 pounds.

About a month ago, we passed through an ice storm coming out of St. Louis and into Tulsa Ok. The next morning I spent 15, 20 minutes smashing ice off of my chains with a bar, just to open the binders. After we got back to the main terminal, the ice melted off the truck then refroze. We got this picture of my tarp box from the results.


One of the things I have been able to do is set up some gallery pages for the images we take while we travel. Click on the Gallery link above and be sure to check out Helen’s Water tower collection. Some towns do the oddest things to their towers.


This Baseball is in Charlotte NC

Really all I have time for tonight, stay safe.


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A couple of quick thoughts.

Posted by Terry
In Just Whatever
18Jan 08

Well, right back to Texas, the rainy south eastern part this time. No time for photos this time, not that I don’t have a few, Helen sits in the jump seat and clicks away all day long, I just don’t have the energy at the moment. Maybe get a few on tomorrow. I over nighted this load out of Tulsa last night to Houston. Pulled out around 9 PM.

I’ve been starting to pay a bit more attention to the presidential race, as usual, the demarcates have NOTHING to offer again this time. Edwards is an idiot, Obama…well…, Clinton? Please… the only hope for votes she really has is the fact that she is a woman, those that vote for her will be doing so on that alone.

As we move forward, think on this thought:

Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical, liberal minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

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In On the Road Again
13Jan 08

Finally got out of Texas, grabbed a loaded trailer out of the Laredo yard and headed to Libertyville Illinois with just what they needed up there. 9 air conditioning units.

Some things never change:



The same drooling idiots that were in charge the last time I was here are still in charge. Of course, the roads in Illinois are so bad that running much faster than posted is hard on the machines. For those of you driving motor homes and pulling toy haulers behind your under powered pickups, I’ve really never seen the patrol bother “tourists”. You might not come back, those of us in the big rigs have little choice. Of course, we bring in more money to any given state in a week, than tourists do in a month, maybe even a year.

Got out of Illinois with a nice 3 dropper into Mo. Got rid of that on time then ended up stuck just north of Maryville Mo. for a day and a half. Nice place, great food, but nothing in the line of modern services. (no wireless)


The foot prints are ours.

Place is called Grey’s, just north of Maryville Mo on US 71. Stop in if your ever in the area. They will take good care of you at good prices.

Loaded in snow country and headed for Jackson Ms. Sitting there now at the Petro for an early morning drop.

Made my first investment in my road gear today with the purchase of a Sirius Radio. Love the thing already!

The closer I am to the internet, the more often I can post.

Stay tuned!


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